My I.T. Manager

Advanced Solutions for your Business

My I.T. Manager is a local team of professional Information Technology managers and technicians that are dedicated to helping businesses making Information Technology work for them. In practical terms we provide a managed service, taking care of your IT needs and support, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

My I.T. Manager 
is your I.T. manager but without the cost that an in-house provider would have. Our solutions can be tailored to suit your complete IT needs of the average small to medium sized business without losing the benefits that a large business would have. We are not just an I.T. company. Our philosophy has a major difference. We work in partnership along side our clients and our success is dependant on your success.

We provide clients with:

  • Greater Security – Making sure your servers and computers are safe and secure from threats,
  • Account Management – Helping you sort out what services you are paying for and using.
  • Peace of Mind – Our technical team have over 30 years experience in IT and have worked with a large variety of businesses, giving them a wide range of skills and knowledge.

We are not just an I.T. Company. We are your I.T. Company!

Our Objective:

We are Business Enablers. Our objective is simple – to use technology to enable you to better deliver your business offering.

We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring your systems are protected.
  • Eliminating I.T. related stress.
  • Supporting you in working in the most efficient way possible.
  • helping you sort out exciting IT equipment and services including talking with you suppliers, eg,
    (Telstra, Optus, other ISPs, domain Company’s, and so on.)

We also recognise that many small business owners, just like us face, the endless challenges of having to punch above our weight to get the results we deserve. As a result we have set about building a network within our clients, advisor’s and suppliers to enable us to achieve benefits that are usually only available to the bigger businesses such as discount buying, I.T. solutions and selling opportunities.